Historic Walking Tours

The Museum of the San Fernando Valley is pleased to offer historic walking tours of North Hollywood "NoHo" and Van Nuys on alternating months currently on third Sunday of each month beginning at 2:00 pm.

Private tours are available for groups of 15 or more for the Pacoima Murals Tour as well as any customized tour.

Each tour lasts between 1 1/2 to 2 hours. For more information, please contact Bill Carpenter, Director of Events or leave a message at The Museum at (818) 347-9665.

Tours cost $10 each. Attendees can pay in advance via EventBrite or can also pay on site.

Pubilc Art Initiative (PAI)

Public Art Initiative began in 2012 to reinforce the fact that public art has a way of touching all of us and bringing the community together. Public art programs include community art projects, murals, art classes for kids and adults and offering the monthly Art Speaker Series at The Museum.  

The Mission and goals of the PAI are: 

  • Bringing many forms of art to the San Fernando Valley 
  • Adding vitality to our community 
  • Educating both young and old 
  • Beautifying and enhancing the communities where we live  

If you are an artist and want to become a member of the PAI, please contact Debbie Wubben, PAI Director today.

Horses Across The Valley

The mission of Horses Across the Valley is to raise awareness of the historical, cultural and artistic heritage of the San Fernando Valley. We have selected the horse for this project because of its historical importance to the Valley. Part of the long, rich history with the horse goes back to a time when the Spaniards, under their leader Gaspar de Portolá, rode into the San Fernando Valley for the first time. Horse ranches sprang up almost overnight and when the film industry discovered that the Valley could double for the Wild West, the cameras started rolling.

Through this Valley-wide celebration, we seek to engage the community in exploring Valley history, art and culture for the purpose of raising funds for A) The Museum of the San Fernando Valley & the Public Art Initiative, B) San Fernando Valley Arts & Cultual Center and its member organizations and C) Organizations that support leading horse-related charities and animal advocacy in the Valley.

This public art program, under the directorship of The Museum of the San Fernando Valley, will connect the Valley by promoting local art & artists and creating a sense of pride in all the Valley has to offer. By displaying these full sized fiberglass horses enhanced with a specific artist’s design and placing them in prominent locations throughout the Valley, this project will connect the Valley on a grand scale. The interactive aspects of Horses Across the Valley will stimulate both tourism and business in the area. We also plan to focus on children’s education as well as local culture and art appreciation.

With the support of Valley businesses, philanthropists, civic leaders and the media, this exciting fundraising project is expected to bring the Valley together like no other event before.

If you are interested in sponsoring a horse, please contact Michael Stevens. If you are an artist and or want to learn more about the Horses Across The Valley program, please contact Jackie Langa or Carolyn Uhri today.

Narrating Lives: Oral Histories of the San Fernando Valley

The Museum has conducted over 50 interviews from valley residents that come from all walks of life including actors, cowboys, WWII veterans, policemen, firemen, housewives, teachers, entertainment executives and much more.

To participate, you will have to contact The Museum, fill out a questionnaire and be approved for an interview. For more information on the Oral Histories program, please contact Lee Davis, Chair. 

History of & Art Speaker Series

Each month, the PAI stages wonderful events highlighting a valley-based artist and offering an opportunity for them to showcase their artwork and tell their story on what inspired them to pursue a specific genre. The artist offer stories about the ups and downs of pursuing a career or maintaining a hobby in this field.

The PAI Art Speaker Series' are currently held on the last Saturday of each month beginning at 2:00 pm.

If you are an artist and want to become involved in the Art Speaker Series, please contact Debbie Wubben, PAI Director today.